Install an FTP server on Ubuntu Server

FTP is a very common protocol for file transfers, but it’s mostly used to upload files to a web server or to modify the folder structure on the web server. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install an FTP server on an Ubuntu Server using CLI. I’m going to use the vsftpd binaries.

To get started, sign in to your Ubuntu server and type in the following commands to install vsftpd.

Enter your root password, and confirm the installation by pressing Y when demanded. The installation will start.


Vsftpd is installed, now it’s time to configure the ftp server. To do this, open the vsftpd configuration file, by entering the following command.

1To enable write access to the ftp server, remove the # in front of “#write_enable=YES”. It will become this:

Then we’re going to alter the ftp welcome text, to do this edit the “#ftpd_banner” property.

Now we can save and close this file by pressing ctrl + X, Y and enter.

Time to restart the ftp server:

Now we can easily connect to the ftp server by entering the server ip, username and password.


If you’re having problems with connecting, try to set the following line in vsftpd.conf file.

Then restart vsftpd by typing sudo service vsftpd restart .

For more information on permissions, visit this tutorial.



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