Start SSH connection using the terminal

SSH is a broad protocol, which is used to connect to Linux and Unix devices over the network, or even over the internet. SSH is commonly used with GIT repositories and remote server management.

With SSH support finally coming to Windows 10, it feels like the right time to explain really quick how you can connect with you Linux/Unix devices using SSH. It’s really simple, just follow along.

The only thing you have to do is install an SSH system on your remote device, like Open-SSH for example. On your client device you don’t have to do install anything. To start a connection, just open the terminal and type in the following command:

ssh username@hostname

Replace ‘username’ with the username of the remote user you want to connect to. Replace ‘hostname’ with the hostname or IP address of your remote device.

You will be connected, after typing in your password.

To exit out of the remote connection, just type  exit .


That’s already it, you can start using SSH via the Terminal application. Really simple, like I already mentioned.

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