On My Mac: Development tools

As a developer your most important tools are probably your development tools. I’m going to share the developer tools I use most on my main machine. A 2015 Macbook Pro.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code appears to be my favourite IDE. Since the full featured Visual Studio is only available on Windows, I settled with the less feature-rich VS Code. It’s extremely fast, and has extensive syntax highlighting and code completion. Along with easy to use built-in Git support.

You can read more about Visual Studio Code here, or download it here.


I use FileZilla quite a lot for transferring files between devices, and to servers over FTP. Alongside FileZilla, I use CyberDuck as well. Which has some great features.

You can download FileZilla here.


SourceTree is an amazing Git client. I’ve already written about it here. I really recommend downloading it if you use Git.

You can download SourceTree here.


My Apache, MySQL, PHP, that’s what MAMP stands for. As the name makes clear, it’s an application that can be used to easily test and run PHP applications on Apache, combined with MySQL.

You can download MAMP here.

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a wonderful MySQL tool. It makes it extremely easy to manage MySQL databases right from your Mac. It’s definitely the best MySQL administration tool I’ve used so far. I have written about Sequel Pro as well, you can find it here.

You can download Sequel Pro here.


PyCharm is definitely the best Python IDE. It’s completely cross-platform, has a nice GUI and a lot of amazing features. Try it out if you’re into Python development.

You can download PyCharm here.


Xcode is a development IDE developed by Apple. It’s primarily designed for IOS and OS X development.But it can be used for different purposes as well.

You can find Xcode in the OS X App Store.


Ampps is yet another Apache, MySQL, PHP stack, just like MAMP. Ampps has a lot more features. It’s definitely worth it to try it out if you develop PHP applications.

You can download Ampps here.


Cyberduck is the go-to FTP client for OS X. It is greatly integrated with the OS and has quite an extensive future set. You can find a comparison between Cyberduck and other FTP clients here.

If you want to download CyberDuck. You can do that here.

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