Google Keep: An amazing to-do list manager and note keeper

Note taking and task management applications, two of the most important productivity tools, and yet it’s so hard to find an app that suits you well. Probably that’s because those are the apps that you use most in a day, or are aspiring to do so. So you can stop having to ask people to remind you of all sorts of things, all of the time. Another reason why a to-do list is useful is so you can rest assured that you wont forget whatever it is you need to get reminded of.

Google Keep is probably one of my most used applications. I use it to keep  track of all sorts of things. Notes, task lists, things to remind me of in the morning, quotes, webpages and much more.

There are a lot of note taking and to-do list applications out there. Apps like Evernote, OneNote, Wunderlist, or the default note taking app on your phone. So you might wonder why Google Keep would be any better. There are a few compelling reasons.

First of all, Google Keep is simple. It’s extremely easy to use, which makes it very fast to add a new note or task list. Yet Google Keep has a lot of features. You can add images, web links, notifications, tags, bullet lists, check boxes, and you can share individual notes with others.

Another reason why Google Keep is quite a good solution, is that it’s available everywhere. There’s a web app, and there are native Android and iOS applications.

The next compelling reason is that it’s free. Google Keep is entirely free to use.

The last, and most important reason, is the excellent reminder support, you can assign both time based as location based reminders, which can be recurring as well. It’s annoying though that Google Keep doesn’t support multiple notifications on a single note. You can only add one. And that’s probably my major dissatisfaction with Keep.


If you’re looking for a new note taking, reminder and to-do list app, I would definitely recommend Google Keep, which you can find here.

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