Deveo, a special version control solution for teams

In the current day and age, practically every self-respecting software developer uses a version control system. Some of them use Git, some use SVN, and some other use Mercurial. Every one of them has its pros and cons.

For software development teams, it’s crucial to have access to a well-equipped code repository and management system. As well as bug tracking and information sharing solutions.


The differentiator

There is a fairly large number of systems that makes this possible. Especially for Git. Take for example Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab, and there are much more. They’re all very useful, and they all provide similar functionality that allows developers to focus on writing their code, instead of putting a lot of energy in managing it.

But, they’re missing something. They’re missing something that makes the Finnish Deveo special. Many a team uses multiple version control systems. SVN for some projects, Git for others. This is especially the case for big teams of coders.

It would be horrible for management purposes to pick a separate hosting platform for all those different version control systems. For reasons of accessibility, security and ease of use it’s very beneficial for all code to be hosted on one system. Deveo makes this possible.


What is Deveo?

As you might have guessed already, Deveo is a code repository system that enables developers to mix and match between version control systems, yet preserve ease of use.

Deveo is more than just a code hosting service though. It also offers other useful functionality like code comparison, private file sharing and multiple collaboration tools. This way it’s possible to add code review functionality, Kanban issue tracking and a very nice Git-powered built-in wiki with Markdown support.

To extend on this offering, they also support webhooks. Which can be used to connect Deveo to services like Jira, Slack, Trello, and more.

Deveo can be used through the cloud, or installed on-premises. Which makes it perfect for larger companies, with special security or hosting requirements.


Who is Deveo for?

In my opinion, Deveo is not for everyone. Although its pricing is pretty competitive, it looks like Deveo is way more useful for companies with medium to large teams of software developers.

This is not to say that Deveo can’t be very useful for small teams of developers as well. It just seems to be more focused at enterprises. Thank Deveo’s support for multiple version control systems, extensive collaboration tools and the ability to host the service on-premises for that.

If you’re interested in trying Deveo, have a look at their website or drop by their blog. Their cloud offering is free, with unlimited users, unlimited projects and unlimited repositories, with 1GB of storage. For every additional gigabyte, you pay 1 euro per month. More plans are available, which offer on-premises support and installation. For more information on this, have a look at their pricing page.



Disclaimer – Deveo contacted me with the question to have a look at their services. To maintain openness I have requested not to get compensated for this post.

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