Use STATA at home [for KU Leuven students]


For the course Marketing engineering [D0H54a] it’s useful to be able to use STATA from home. However, the instructions given in the introduction slideshow aren’t complete. I made a video that – hopefully – makes it a little easier.

The content of the video is a combination of two resources found online:



For Windows systems just follow the video.

Pulse VPN client:
Remote desktop connection url:


The video can be followed without much problems.

There are two main differences:

  1. Download the macOS version of the Pulse client, instead of the Windows version. It can be found here. Follow the installation instructions given on this page.
  2. Remote Desktop isn’t readily available on macOS. Download the macOS client here (beta) or from the App Store, here.

Update [08/05/2018]

Some students apparently aren’t able to connect to the remote systems over remote desktop. There is a workaround for this.

  1. First set up Pulse Secure exactly as demonstrated in the video.
  2. When this is done, visit and sign in
  3. Click on the “+” icon on the left side of the screen, select “All apps” and choose Stata
  4. You are prompted to install the Citrix Receiver application, install the application
  5. When this is done you can open Stata by clicking the Stata icon on the website we visited before (

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