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Deveo, a special version control solution for teams

In the current day and age, practically every self-respecting software developer uses a version control system. Some of them use Git, some use SVN, and some other use Mercurial. Every one of them has its pros and cons. For software development teams, it’s crucial to have access to a well-equipped code repository and management system.…

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Great self-hosted Github alternative: Gitlab

Git is an amazing version control system of which I have written before on multiple occasions. With Git you can easily manage and modify your codebase and an unlimited amount of versions of your code. Every change, from minor performance improvements to mission critical bug fixes, can be held in Git. It’s just an amazing…

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Why you should learn GIT

In the previous blog post, about backing up, I mentioned GIT version control. Git is a free and open source version control system, that allows you to keep multiple versions of your software projects available, and quickly switch between them. Git makes it easy as well to work together with other developers to create an…

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