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Deveo, a special version control solution for teams

In the current day and age, practically every self-respecting software developer uses a version control system. Some of them use Git, some use SVN, and some other use Mercurial. Every one of them has its pros and cons. For software development teams, it’s crucial to have access to a well-equipped code repository and management system.…

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Python and SSH: sending commands over SSH using Paramiko

SSH is a remote connection tool commonly used in the Unix world. Wit SSH many things can be achieved, but one of the most important, and most common, use cases for SSH is communicating with a remote server shell from your local system. That’s what SSH stands for, secure shell. SSH is encrypted by default, and not…

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WordPress syntax highlighter

You’re a web developer? A database engineer? An app developer? Then there’s a great chance that you have a personal website as well. And since WordPress is running on approximately more than 20% of all websites out there, your website is probably rocking it as well. Since software developers, as expected, love talking about code, they’ll talk…

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